Flavours that will transport you across the Mediterranean to Lebanon and the Levant

From the aromas wafting through the air to the very first mouthful of our distinct flavours one is instantly transported beyond the walls of Zouk Lounge to the buzzing streets of Lebanon and the Levant; a melting pot of colours, flavours, sights and smells! The alluring scents of lemon, garlic and cumin roasting, the chopping of fresh parsley and onions and the aroma of Za’tar soaring out the promise of a ‘heavenly spread’.

The one thing that people remember the most is the welcome that they are extended. Za’tar is not just a spice mix but also a symbol of hospitality as I experienced on my travels through the Levant. Stopping in Jerusalem I had the pleasure of being hosted by an extremely generous family with very little from one of the camps. For breakfast they offered up the most delicious Za’tar mixed with olive oil eaten as a dip with flatbreads thus etching the memory of hospitality and Za’tar in my heart forever.

Different countries and even within different villages there is a wonderful variety of Za’tar mix.

We have our very own rich special blend of Za’tar that will have your taste buds doing a little jig with delight. Come try it as part of our marinades for our grills, mixed in salads or sprinkled on our freshly made kefir cheese (Labneh) drizzled with top quality olive oil. It will tempt even the most strong willed and leave you wanting more… and more…

Enjoying a meal is all about the company and coming together to share the huge variety of food in a relaxed sociable atmosphere. Thus the concept of Mezze or collection of different small dishes as appetizers works well with keeping the tempo upbeat as dishes arrive as soon as they are ready. We have a vibrant mix of Hummus, Fattoush, Kibbeh, Falafel, Labneh, Baba Ghanouj, Halloumi, Tabbouleh and extending to the mains of marinated skewered grilled meats bursting with bold flavours and winning over even the most unadventurous diners.

Tabbouleh is a crisp and tangy salad with bright flavours, loads of chopped parsley with not too much fine bulgur soaked in lemon juice. The secret to a good Tabbouleh is in its chopping…as every expert will testify to. But don’t take our word for it come over and who knows Chef might let you take a peek at how he chops up and seasons a lip smacking Tabbouleh! Try it as part of the Mezze platter.

The much loved Kibbeh, a dish common to the eastern Mediterranean region, has your name on it and it is tempting you to bite into its crunchy exterior of cracked wheat and let loose on your taste buds the delicately prepared centre of the freshest ground meat and pine nuts seasoned with “baharaat” (Lebanese seven spice). The cracked wheat mixture is moulded into small hollowed oval shaped balls and stuffed with the filling before being baked or fried. Sheer genius! Great for sharing.

Now for the very first time from your doorsteps in Milton Keynes you too can partake in these mouth-watering eastern Mediterranean gems. Wholesome, luscious, delicious ingredients with hospitality that is second to none and an atmosphere to match; what more can one ask for!

So this summer take your taste buds on a serious holiday and make Zouk Lounge your next destination.


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